How to prepare for the morning match

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Tennis tournament provides a great opportunity for tennis players to check own level of performance as also to try to beat other rivals in the quest of winning the trophy. In tennis you have to wait until the schedule is done to discover the time you will be playing the match but only first matches’ time is guaranteed because the next rounds’ starting time depends on the course of the previous matches. If you play morning match you have to make sure that your body and mind are ready for this challenge.


Tennis is a specific sport. In regional tournaments players can start the match as soon as 8 am. In US Open tournament professionals can finish their battles even way after midnight so we can see that players have to adjust to different schedules to increase own chance for positive results. In this article we will focus on the situation that most of the players can meet and the reality of the early morning match.


For some players 8 am is a time that doesn’t create any problems. They wake up early every day so it is not a big change for them to do the same during the weekend and step on the court when other people are still in the bed. On the other hand there are players who prefer to sleep longer and they don’t feel comfortable with waking up at 6 am - not to mention playing tennis. However if you think about being successful competitor you can’t wait for the comfortable conditions to play your best game. You have to analyze given situation, adjust to it and try to fight against different obstacles that are put on your way to the final success.


Getting up early and preparing for the morning match is not an easy task. Players feel sleepy especially when they normally sleep much longer. Players can also feel tired after last day’s practice so it also has an impact on their mindset. Additionally they can feel lack of energy and the lack of appetite to eat even the most favorable breakfast at an early hour. All these factors if not addressed will have negative impact on player’s preparation, on the beginning of the match and probably also on the final score of the competition. That is why it is important to understand the challenges that await for the player and incorporate proven methods to be at own best even during the first morning match.


If your match is schedule as a first of the day make sure you create a routine that will help you be full of energy and mentally prepared for the incoming battle. Your new routine should include:


  • Give yourself a lot of time

If your match is scheduled at 8 am you should wake up at least 2 hours before it starts (sometimes even more when the distance to the courts is bigger). At the first glance it can look like a big amount of time but after doing everything you need you will see that it is just enough to prepare physically and mentally.


  • Take colder shower

There is no better method to really „wake you up” from the sleepy mode. Get under the shower and use a little bit colder water. This simple treatment will make you more alert, ready to act as also you will feel less tired even after really intensive practice the day before.


  • Eat proper breakfast

Your priority is to eat breakfast. You will be competing so you need energy - skipping breakfast gives advantage to the opponent before you even step on the court. Remember to choose right products - your breakfast should include proteins and complex carbs to give you energy for longer time.


  • Listen to your favorite music

You have to take care of your mind because in tennis mental skills are really important. If you have good mood you will definitely play better so use this simple trick to put yourself in proper mindset. Listen to your favorite music a little bit louder than normally and pump yourself up to be ready for the incoming challenge.


  • Perform intensive warm up

You need physical routine to prepare your body for the match but you have to remember that match that starts in the early morning requires different physical warm up than match that starts right after noon. Your body is still affected by the 8-10 hours sleep so to be at your best you have to take your intensity to the higher level.


A lot of players complain at playing the first round of matches because it is „too early” for them. Champions don’t complain - they adjust and use every opportunity to show own value. Next time you will have the match scheduled at 8 or 9 am make sure you implement given advices to optimally prepare for the match. You will see how easy it will be to beat the rival who will be still yawning during the first set.