Take care of the basic equipment

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The market of tennis equipment is huge. Players can choose any racket they want. From light-weight and oversize heads to stable frames going over 320g and with smaller heads that guarantee more power. But to play tennis you need more than racket. Grips, balls, shoes also count and can have a big impact on on-court performance. That is why it is crucial to take care of basic equipment to play up to your level.


It is not necessary to pay a lot of money for the equipment to increase own level of play. Players don’t have to buy new racket every year, clothes from the latest design or strings that professional players use. Of course the quality is important but players have to balance own budget and level of play to help own game without spending too much money. It is much better to invest additional money into quality coaching or more tournament experiences than to shine with gadgets just only to look good.


Do good players can play well with any kind of equipment? Yes that is true. Do good players can play own best with any kind of equipment? Unfortunately not. All players need different specifications to suit their needs, game style and preferences so that is why players use rackets, grips, shoes, clothes and balls from different companies. More popular companies don’t always produce better quality equipment but definitely there are some labels that always guarantee good price to quality ratio. However without taking care of basic equipment players can underperform and even have problems with health.


At all levels details can make a difference. Details related to technique can give advantage to one player over the other. Details related to physical preparation can result in quality of the playing points at the end of the match. Details related to equipment have influence on comfort level and ability to play at own highest level. If you want to make sure that you are not limited by the factors that are under your control you have to take care of your basic equipment.



Visual aspect is important for many players but remember that design won’t win you the match. You have to be sure that the tool in your hand listens to you and lets you use your strengths from the beginning to the end of the match. Too heavy racket will put you in trouble while playing longer rallies on clay. Too small racket head can be the reason why less advanced players hit more balls closer to the frame. Take care of your racket and play with the one that suits your game - not your ego.



Sometimes small details have bigger impact than players can imagine. This rule applies to overgrips. A lot of players love to see new grip on their racket but they shouldn’t think about changing overgrip just by paying attention to the visual aspect. Poor condition of grip can cause less control over the shot, more mistakes during crucial moments of the game as also can be the reason why player has blisters on the hand. That is why it is important to check the status of own grips before the practice/match and change them before it will be too late.



Many players don’t understand the value of string in the racket. They are not aware how string can help them to get more spin, power or control. Additionally they wait until the string breaks and then they invest in the new one. That’s not the best approach especially when you play at lower levels of performance. Firstly you should get some knowledge about the specifications of the string and think what you need at your level. Secondly you should treat it the same way you treat oil change in your car. Don’t wait until the engine will be broken - change it consistently to take the most of your game.



Tennis balls are not the most durable.Their longevity depends on the level of players but overall balls lose quality quite quickly. If you play all the time with used balls you won’t be able to compete effectively during tournaments. There is totally different control over the new ball. Additionally new balls bounce higher than the used ones. These factors entirely change the performance of players so investing in new balls from time to time is a good way to improve own level of play as also to get ready for optimal performance during the competition.


The market of tennis equipment makes great business. It offers a lot of necessary tools for tennis players but also some gadgets that are sold in big amounts because of great advertisement. Players should be aware of the basic equipment they have to use consistently to play tennis and make sure that they take care of this equipment. By taking this approach it is guaranteed that things that are under player’s control will work to his favor.