Advanced serving patterns for females

Women are different than man. To prove this fact we can simply look at females’ bodies and characters. Women are shorter than man as also have less muscle mass, and more body fat. Additionally women are more sentimental and are motivated more towards the perfection of a task, while males are focused more on competitiveness, and winning. If there are so visible differences in different bodies and minds, there is no doubt that tennis won’t also be the same for girls, and for boys. Knowing that we have to make sure that we practice proper things with girls, and not just copy great shots from Djokovic or Federer because they won’t be useful. In this article you will get to know advanced patterns that your female players have to train to make sure that they win more points while serving.


As we all know females’ game is based mostly on returns. In opposite to men’s game where big serves are dominant women get more breaks, and it is harder for them to consistently hold own delivery. That is why coaches have to spend a lot of time on serving and returning patterns of play to give players skills that they will use effectively during the tournaments.


Many players practice the serving skills separately what means that they take the basket full of balls, place targets in the service box, and repeat hundreds of swings with the aim to hit all of the targets. There is nothing wrong with this approach especially with younger players but also women can benefit from this approach if there are added specific tasks related to the technical, tactical, physical or mental development. Working on your serve is a must to become a top tennis player but we have remember that women’s points are finished mostly after maximum of 4 shots. It means that each player has only 2 shots in a rally, and one of them is serve or return. Taking this fact into consideration it simply turns out that each player is under tremendous pressure from the first touch of the ball so players have to prepare for these requirements of modern game.


First shot after the serve is of crucial importance for any female player because she has to learn 2 different scenarios. She can have a chance to get advantage of a good serve, and put a lot of pressure on the opponent with an offensive shot or she will have to do everything she can to stay in the point if the return is really aggressive. Knowing different possibilities to respond as also practicing them on a daily basis is the only way to perform effective tactical solutions under the heat of competition. Below you will find areas that you should address during your next training session:


1st serve and deep ball to the center

Better understanding of tactical opportunities made tennis much more demanding sport for all competitors. Nowadays many players know and execute plans that put the opponent into troubles even after good 1st serve. Looking at the females’ game we can observe that many top players hit 1st serve returns deep to the center of the court. This strategy is implemented because players can hit the ball pretty hard while still maintaining strong consistency. Lowest part of the net, big target as also difficult ball right into the body for the opponent are reasons why this approach is so effective. That is why players should train this pattern almost during every training session to know how to answer these balls when the pressure is on. Ball right into the body is really difficult because requires good coordination skills from the player as also forces her to react quickly, and make split-second decision. If server doesn’t possess automatic responses we will experience bag of errors after deep returns to the center.


2nd serve and offensive ball down the line

As I said before women try to use weak serves to dominate the point starting from the return. It means that if you don’t make a first serve in most of the times you will be in troubles after the second delivery. Because level of groundstrokes in modern tennis is extremely high females can hit powerful down  the line returns with nice percentages. Learning how to respond to these shots not only helps  us to stay in the point but also it puts more pressure on the opponent because she will look for shots with more risk because of lack of goal’s achievement (winner or forced error). Proper approach to this scenario is executed if player understands that this situation is a straight defensive one. Player has to stay low with the legs, react quickly after the serve, and put 99% of balls cross-court. If the cross-court response is too risky because player can’t control the ball well ball to the center is also a great solution to make own chances bigger for winning the point. Too many females try to counter opponent’s powerful down the line return with own down the line bomb forgetting that it is not only more risky option but even more importantly that other player is standing there after return so we don’t force her to move to the next shot.


1st serve and short ball

It is typical to see females make some easy mistakes from time to time. Hitting great first serve and not capitalizing on the next short ball is the scenario that we can experience even on top level of performance. To avoid these sad moments players have to train to be prepared after good first serve. Firstly most of the time players are „surprised” by the ball coming over the net because they were expecting to win the point after the opponent’s miss. Players should expect every ball to go over the court so they are ready to finish it on the next attempt. With this mind’s readiness player’s reaction will be much quicker and efficient so she will never never give easy points to the opponent after strong 1st serves. Secondly female players have to learn the most effective footwork patterns to make sure that they automatically move to the ball in the quickest possible way. Frame shots are common among returners because it is hard to fully control shots from the first serve so many balls will bounce in irregular spots on the court. Moving quickly to the ball will give us time to prepare, and hit winners or forcing shots without any hesitation.


If you want to become the next female tennis star you have to work on patterns to make your game automatic. The tempo of modern game is so fast that there is no time for last-second decisions. The less you think the better your game, and scores will be. Implement these serving patterns into your daily sessions, and you will see how comfortable you are even if your opponent is a good returner.