Be aware of these offensive mistakes

At all levels of performance players try to put more pressure on the opponents. Nowadays everyone looks for opportunities to implement offensive solutions into own game but more attacking shots also means more risk. Unfortunately for many players more risk included ends up in significantly bigger numer of own errors.

In tennis errors happen all the time. It doesn’t matter if we practice or we compete during the tournament it is impossible to make all the balls in. Sometimes we make mistakes because opponents force us to do them but other times our wrong preparation is responsible for the ball landing outside the court. Does it mean that players should avoid hitting the balls offensively to avoid errors at all? Definitely not.

At the beginning it is important to understand that there is no offensive approach without errors. To execute good attacking shots and put pressure on the rival players have to add power to own shots. It is possible only through body and racket acceleration so minor mistakes in the execution will almost always end up as an error. But power is not the only way to be more dangerous. Players can also change spin of the ball, trajectory of the ball and target on the court to put rival into difficult position. All of these changes put shot’s quality at risk so to be able to consistently maintain offensive approach players can’t get angry after one missed ball.

Mental side is of big importance in tennis so it has to be included while working on your offensive game. There are 3 factors that have to be included to get own offensive abilities to the solid level. These are: understanding offensive approach, accepting included risk and analyzing possible mistakes. When the errors happen player should use time before the point to correct specific area that will allow him to hit another offensive shot with better effectiveness.

Successful tennis players use offensive weapons from the beginning to the end of a tennis match. They don’t get discouraged after few mistakes as also they understand when it is the right moment to increase the risk of own shots. Here are the areas that you should consider while improving your attacking repertoire of shots:


  • More power = Bigger target

A lot of players make a mistake by increasing the power of own shots and aiming really close to the lines at the same time. That is definitely too much risk for one ball. Of course there are situations when it is necessary to follow this approach but these points happen mostly on pro level and only from time to time. At beginner or intermediate level players should choose between adding power and directing the ball closer to the lines. Both of these options create pressure on the opponent so there is no point to try to implement 2 risky factors into the same offensive shot. Pick one, see the results and decide if you have to try the other one.


  • Situation can change

Another mistake made by players at all levels is the situation that they don’t pay attention to the opponent’s responses and hit all the balls offensively. Getting short ball or answering slow ball is a great opportunity to switch into offensive mode but players have to be aware of the possible trap. Trying to force opponent to make a mistake doesn’t mean that this task will be achieved. Sometimes players will miss the ball but other times they will respond with great neutral or defensive shot that bounces close to the baseline. In this situation offensive player has to understand that he can’t be longer in offensive mode and more effective approach is to switch to neutral mode and hit with more spin into the bigger area. Offensive style is working well only when we use offensive situations to execute it.


  • Easy ball has to be a winner

Patience is the key to successful tennis career. The same factor impacts quality of your offensive game. Many players try to hit winners every time they receive easy ball and that is why they make a lot of mistakes. It is important to understand that offensive approach has to be built on putting pressure – not on hitting winners. It is great when you can hit the ball that opponent can’t get to but against good rivals it won’t happen during every game. Focus on putting pressure and you will see that you will win definitely more points than while trying to finish the point in one shot.


Offense is definitely the number one area that all players want to develop. It doesn’t only look good but primarily it is an effective method to win many points. However players have to make sure that they know which mistakes they should avoid while hitting offensively because if they are not aware of them opponents will just keep the ball in play to wait for another offensive error.