Effective plan to use your weakness

When we play a tennis match we always want to beat the rival. The basic strategy that is used at all levels of play is to use own strengths against opponent’s weaknesses to get advantage during the point. This strategy allows us to put a lot of pressure on the rival what should lead to decrease in performance and more errors produced by the rival. But what about the situation when we are in the position of having own weakness attacked by the opponent? How can we escape from this difficult situation? The answer is related to your plan.


During every competition players have to deal with offensive, neutral and defensive situations on the court. Sometimes they will be taking advantage of short ball, other times they will be building point while not having advantage and there also will be times when they will have to deal with balls that are constantly played into their weaknesses. That’s the fact so every player who wants to compete successfully and win matches has to learn how to use own weaknesses in the most effective way.


Players should strive to use own strengths as often as possible but against good opponents they won’t be able to avoid own weaknesses. If one player has weaker backhand there is a good chance that rival will put many balls into this direction to increase own chances for positive result. Unfortunately many players tend to look for risky decisions while dealing with own weaknesses and that is why they produce more errors, get angry and can’t win matches even against players who seem to be less advanced than they are.


To successfully prepare own weaknesses for the demands of the match players need plan. Plan that will help them go through the match without significant decrease in performance. Here is what you have to do when your opponent starts to hit more balls into your weaker side:


Be confident

It all starts with your mindset. If you are scared of using your weaker side your body will act in the same way. Your reaction will be slower, your moves will be less fluent and your decisions will be based on emotions. You have to accept the fact that it is your weakness but at the same time you have to be confident that this weakness doesn’t stop you from winning. Proper mindset is crucial in tennis so work on this aspect during every day practice sessions.


Focus on your legs

Another aspect that has to be incorporated is related to your legs. Because of more stress that players feel while using own weaknesses they start to focus more on the racket than on body preparation. Unfortunately it results in poor positioning, inadequate spacing and definitely more unforced errors. In this situation players have to firstly make sure that their body is working well and then they can switch focus to racket. If this order is maintained there is a big chance that opponent won’t win many easy points.


Aim at bigger target

Tennis match can be compared to the battle. 2 players use different methods to hurt the opponent. Playing into the rival’s weaknesses has a goal to force some mistakes and these mistakes can happen because of too risky decisions. If you get many balls into your weaker side make sure you aim at bigger target, put the ball higher over the net and choose preferable cross-court or through the center direction. These tactical steps will allow you to achieve good consistency so at least your opponent will see that just placing the ball into your weaker side is not enough to win the point.


Take care of your languages

The biggest mistake that many players make after missing shots with own weaknesses is to show the whole world how angry they are. They say negative words about their strokes. They throw the racket around the court. They use balls to deal with negative emotions. All these actions show the opponent that he does a great job and he should continue that. He has confirmation that we don’t feel comfortable using own weaknesses. The best players in the world know how to hide own negative emotions and doubts so the opponent doesn’t get psychological advantage over them. Try to take care of your languages and treat every mistake made with your weakness in the same way you treat mistake made with you strength.


We have to accept the fact that opponents will do anything they can to beat us during the rivalry. That’s the goal of competition. All players have weaknesses so having weaker backhand doesn’t mean that we have to feel inferior to the rival. Learn how to use effectively your weaker side and you will see that even you don’t hit many winners off this side you can still leave the court with positive result.