Never give up

It is a great experience to see Rafael Nadal or Serena Williams in action. During their matches here are many spectacular points that can teach us a lot of lessons. Rafael Nadal is known for his heavy topspin shots while Serena built her game on powerful forehands and backhands. We all admire these skills but too many times we don’t see the crucial one. It is the fighting spirit!


            Fighting is a character’s trait. Many people think that successful players are born with this skill but it is not true. Everyone can fight as well as a lion but it has to be developed. This is not a magical skill. You can create it in any player’s mind but it has to be a conscious process. If you develop forehand you need quality instruction, and thousands of repetitions. The same happens while sharping your mental skills. If you want to be a fighter, you need to repeat this action many times.


            What does the fighting mean? Fighting means that you always believe in your chances. If you are losing badly you are a fighter if you still believe in the final win. If your opponent made you run from corner to corner for 6 consecutive hits, and then he hit precise drop shot you are a fighter if you try to get to the last ball even when your legs are burning. You are also a lion if you have another injury, and you don’t give up but you are sure that it only makes you stronger.


            There were many players in the history of tennis who didn’t have great tennis strokes but they were winning because of a world-class fighting spirit. Tennis career is a bumpy road because there are many obstacles on the way up so you need a solid character to get to the top. Below you can find situations when your fighting can make you a successful athlete in the future.


Being behind in the tennis match

If you are a tennis player you will experience many matches when your opponent will have a lead. Sometimes smaller sometimes bigger but you will be behind. This is a real test for your character. If you want to develop fighting spirit you can’t make your fighting skills dependent on the score. Score is not controllable but your involvement is. You have to play one point at the time – it doesn’t matter if you are leading or losing. If you will possess this mentality you will be able to turn around many battles in your favor. Remember the most important thing why you should always fight – YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE OPPONENT’S HEAD! If you give up when your opponent won the set and has a 5:1 lead in the second you hand out an easy win. You don’t consider the fact that maybe your rival is really stressed because he had this situation 5 times before and he lost it each time. If you would know this before probably your response would be completely different so always fight, and remind yourself that your opponent is as far from the winning this battle as you are.


More stress with each next point

Tennis is a game of one point. You play one point at a time. It is not basketball so you don’t count smashes for 3 points, and easy forehand winners for one. If you understand this rule you make the first important step on the ladder. Second step is that score can be misleading. Too many times players think that if the opponent plays great, and has a 5:0 lead it is impossible for them to catch up. Nothing is impossible. Remember that your opponent is playing great at 5:0 but you don’t know how he will perform with the score 5:2. Sometimes just few won points will make the opponent think differently, and from there you are only few more good shots to turn everything around. We come back to the previous mantra: YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE OPPONENT’S HEAD! Maybe for you it is just one small point but for the opponent it can mean a lot of stress. Never give up. Never give up easy points. Make your opponent win the game – don’t lose the game by yourself.


Fighting will help you go through tough moments

If you are a strong person you will achieve much more than others. In tennis, and in life. Work on your fighting skills and you will see that they are really helpful when the things are going badly. If you have an injury you will need your mental skills to go through this time. If you lose a sponsorship you will have to put a lot of effort to find another one. If you will lose a match while leading 5:3 in the final set you will also need a good fighting character to get on the court next day for another effective practice session. Work on your mental skills, and develop them because you need them as well as your forehand winners.


Players tend to focus own practice time on skills that are visible. They want to improve technique of the serve and add some power to groundstrokes. However to win tennis match many times you will need completely different skills. Fighting spirit is one of the skills that all winners have so if you want to join this prestigious club make sure you never give up.