Pre-match routine

Tennis tournament is an important experience for every player. Players practice on a daily basis not only to improve own skills but primarily to beat next rivals and put trophy on the shelf. There are many factors that have impact on player’s performance during the competition and one of them is related to actions performed right before the match. It is pre-match routine.


Preparation to the match in tennis looks quite different in comparison to other sports. In soccer players know exactly when they will start the match. The same happens in basketball, volleyball or boxing. Tennis players are not in this comfortable state unless they play first matches of the day. They have to wait until the previous matches end and as we know tennis match can last from 1 hours up to over 3 hours so it is really difficult to predict the exact time in advance.


Actions performed right before the match have crucial impact on on-court performance. What player does with own body and mind will decide whether he will play well from the beginning of the match or he will struggle with movement and control over the shots. A lot of players think that 10 minutes right before the match is enough to prepare for the match but it is far from the truth. The truth is that you need at least 30 minutes to achieve all the tasks of professional warm-up.


Professional players understand the power of warm-up routines. They know that good routine gives them good physical preparation, positive and confident mindset as also decrease in the chance of injury presence. It doesn’t matter the level player competes at if he wants to play own best tennis on a given day pre-match routine is a priority.


Necessary things to include in pre-match routine:


1 Physical activities

Tennis is a sport where all body parts are included every time player hits the ball. It simply means that player has to prepare own body for the demands of competitive match. Implementing dynamic stretching into own routine is necessary to warm up the body and be able to work hard from the first ball of the match. Adding resistance band to pre-match routine and performing specific exercises focused on shoulders area is a must-have in modern tennis to prevent possible injuries and get ready for a lot of serves. At the end of physical routine players should also make some quick drills based on reaction and speed to get comfortable with situation that will repetitively happen during the match.


2. Mental approach

Individual sports put a lot of pressure on participants. To be able to play as well during the tournament as during the practice session players have to deal with many psychological aspects. That is why proper mental preparation is needed before the match so players can step on the court with right attitude. Listening to the favorite music, visualizing own performance as also saying positive words allow to build confidence and decrease stress level that happens according to rivalry.


3. Energy intake

Body and mind of the athlete can work perfectly only when there is enough energy. Lack of energy or dehydration significantly decrease physical and mental performance so taking care of proper intake is of the same importance as warming up serve or being confident while hitting forehand. Players should eat meal consisted of carbohydrates and proteins as also they should constantly remember to drink water to make sure that when starting the match they have enough fuel to run to difficult balls and make proper decisions.


4. Strategy

Getting on the court without a plan is a good plan … to fail. Every competitive player should understand that knowing how to play the points against particular opponent is necessary to increase quality of own performance as also to decrease the level of stress. Players who are aware of own and opponents strengths and weaknesses can easily prepare goals that will help them to play more effectively even during crucial points.


Match doesn’t start when you step on the court. Match starts with your preparation and it should be performed consciously including physical, mental, nutritional and tactical steps. Some players will need 30 minutes to perform all these activities while others will need even more time to prepare so every player should approach pre-match routine individually. If you want to achieve great results during the tournament start with professional preparation that will allow you to show your best tennis.