Strategy to win important points in tennis

Tennis is an interesting sport because of its rules. We can win only one point at a time, but what is surprising is the fact that you can win more points than your opponent, and still lose the match! Yes! If you play a tight match (6/7 6/7) and you easily win all of your service games (opponent doesn’t win any points while returning) while losing all of your opponent service games by 2 points, there is a big chance that you will win more points over the course of the match but you will lose 6/7 6/7. I don’t know any other sport where this situation can happen so it is clear that tennis is specific.


            Every point in tennis counts for one but not every point is the same. If we play the point when we are winning 40:0 we will feel completely different than in situation when we are saving the break point. That is why top players are focused all the time because each point has to be approach in a slightly different manner.


            While competing we have to understand that one point can change the course of the whole match. In the history of tennis we had an occasion to watch many battles where one player started to play completely different after winning/losing one point. It confirms that tennis is a mental sport where your head plays a crucial role. If you are not able to control your thoughts and emotions you will never achieve great results. All professional players have strategies before the matches to make their own chances bigger to beat the opponent. Of course this strategy is related to the shots and tactical solutions but it doesn’t mean that we can’t set strategies for actions that have to be taken while facing crucial points in the match. Stress, doubts or excitement are all factors that can prevent us from winning an important game or set so we have to learn what to do when we get to the point in the match when one ball can decide about everything.



Stress is a natural body reaction for the situation that we care about. If the stress is too big it can paralyze us. If the stress is too low we won’t be able to achieve high enough motivation to play our best tennis. The best level is when we can achieve moderate level of stress because then we can play „in the zone”. If you feel too much stress before an important point you have to use techniques to relax. Breathing is the most effective because you can do this quickly and between the points. Remember to slowly breathe in through the nose, and slowly breathe out through the mouth. You can use this technique before saving the match point or while resting before serving for the set. On the other hand if you need some kick to boost your motivation you can also use breathing techniques but it has to be performed with some changes. Quickly breath in through the nose, and quickly breath out through the mouth to raise your heart rate. You can also make some dynamic moves like skipping to make sure that your motivation goes up.


Perfect technique

A lot of players miss many serves in crucial moments because they think about the technical aspect of the stroke. If you have 40:30 and you serve think about the placement of your shots. Don’t think about the toss or the elbow’s position because it is not the time for any correction. Focus just on the target, and trust your body. You will see that your percentage of won points will significantly increase if you will direct your thoughts on the target instead of technique. You can also visualize your shot that lands in a perfect spot before the point to make your chances even greater for good positive finishing. Human’s brain can’t differ imaginary experience from the real experience so make sure that you use your mental side to get an advantage over your opponent and play your best tennis.



When we face important points in the match negative thoughts and doubts can creep in our heads. It is normal that from time to time we will experience these moments of hesitation but we can’t let them impact our actions. If you start questioning your backhand or possibility to break opponent’s serve it is time to apply some proven techniques to make these false thoughts vanish. Every time negative thinking occurs try to beat it with strong, and positive words. Tell yourself: „,I am great”, „I can do that”, „It is my time”, and you will see that you are stronger than the doubts. Doubts are not negative; negative can be our reaction to these feelings so take care of things that you can control, and you will see that you will play important points in the match as well as any other point.



Some players have to deal with too much of positive feelings that is detrimental to their performance. If you are too excited about the crucial moment in the match you can have problems with proper focus. It can result in lackadaisical tactical choices so you can easily lose the advantage that you built during the last few games. Make sure that you calm down and remind yourself about the rule ONE POINT AT A TIME. Don’t think about the past or the future. What counts is HERE and NOW. Win the point, and then think about the next one. If you win the last point of the match then there is a time for excitement, and celebration. Remember that not only negative feelings can bring you down because too much of positive things can also ruin your game.


            During the match we have to face many crucial points that can decide about the final result of the battle. We are not able to control the frequency of these moments but definitely we can take care of our responses to these situations. Learn, and repeat techniques mentioned above, and you will be known as the guy who uses opportunities every time they occur.