The skill of inner motivation

Tennis is a grueling sport. If you want to be the best you have to work really hard for many years but you still can’t be sure if it will be enough. To have a chance to compete in Wimbledon or US Open you need at least 12-15 years of day to day effort. It is a lot. Many duties, numerous sacrifices just to discover if you are better than the other guys across the net. Maybe it doesn’t look smart but only real athletes understand why it is so important for them.


If you are ambitious tennis player you will try to achieve the best results possible. At the beginning it will be winning the first match on the tournament but later on difficulty will be much bigger. Winning first tournament or getting into the main draw of Grand Slam are steps that you will have to achieve to have a chance to become the best player in the world.


Many juniors dream about being number one but they are not aware of the amount of work that they have to put on and off the court to come closer to this dream. Hitting for 4 hours a day is just part of the process so without developing other skills players will never get to the top. Tennis career is a bumpy road because we have to deal with many difficulties. Losing a match can be a huge obstacle. Having an injury can put doubts in your mind. Winning a big tournament can also put you in troubles if you don’t know how to deal with it. There are many traps so players needs support but they can’t forget that the biggest power that can push them through is their motivation.


Motivation is responsible for all successes in sport. Without this force nobody is able to achieve anything. Motivation pays a crucial role when trying new sport while being a kid as also it helps to maintain strong work ethic through the whole career. External motivation is primary for younger kids because they don’t understand yet why they should give their 100% every time even when it is almost impossible to win. Small rewards work perfectly to get players interested but the more advanced and the older they are motivation has to turn more into internal one. Dream of every coach is to teach self-motivated players because there is no need to ask your athletes to run more or to fight for every ball. Being internally motivated means that we understand that 100% effort on a daily basis is a must if we want to get to the level that only few had a chance to experience. If you want to develop inner motivation try these proven techniques and see that is not more difficult than learning how to hit a forehand.


Take care of environment

People around you help you to achieve your dreams or it can turn out that they are partly responsible for your failures. If you want to be internally motivated you have to make sure that your coach and parents have the same goals for you as you have. It is much harder to push yourself without anyone around if during structured practice session your coach complains that in this weather it is impossible to play or that he can’t spend with you another 20 minutes because he will be late for the soccer match on TV. It is true that other people can have a big influence on us so make sure that your closest team has the same values and they don’t need anyone else to tell them that each day is a new day to build own success.


Ask simple questions

Tennis development is a complex process because we have to take care of many different aspects. Of course tennis practice is the area that we all are aware of but only on-court effort won’t get us as far as we want to move. Fitness preparation is the zone that many players try to avoid because it is too tiring. Mental skills are even tougher to execute because our awareness of it is on low level. Proper nutrition is also neglected because it is much easier and more tasty to eat pizza than to cook pasta with chicken and vegetables. Adding some sacrifices that we have to make like skipping friends’ birthday parties or traveling alone to different countries sums it up why among millions of players only small percentage of athletes are able to compete for the biggest trophies. I know it is hard to make all these duties but honestly it is really simple to develop inner motivation to get priorities done. Every time you struggle with motivation when you are tired or you have just a bad day ask yourself: Is eating a snack more important than winning a Grand Slam tournament? Do I want to exchange being number one in the world for sleeping 1 hour longer? What do I want to pick: no trophies and no stretching or a lot of trophies with a lot of stretching? These simple questions will easily get you right back on the proper track. If you are really ambitious and you really care these one sentence will help you to make proper decision. Remember simple solutions are the most important so don’t make your life difficult if you don’t have to.


I don’t know any athlete who achieved great results based only on external motivation. Of course there are times where some push from outside is needed but these are exceptions. Most of the career is based on internal energy and willingness to get better every day. You can have huge talent but without 100% effort you will never fulfill your potential. It is time to develop this inner fire that won’t stop you from being the best. Now getting to the top is even easier so let’s do it!