These actions will make you get injured

Tennis if definitely a fun activity. Running and hitting the balls while trying to outplay your opponents are factors that keep this sport unpredictable and fascinating at the same time. That is why millions of players get on the court and invest in own development to improve own level of play. Unfortunately it all can be stopped really quickly when one thing happens. This thing is called injury.

Injury can happen to anyone. You can be a beginner or you can be Rafa Nadal – sport puts pressure on the body so the longer you participate the bigger your chances for minor or major injury. Being away from the sport is a really difficult time for athletes because they lose crucial part of their daily schedule. Pro players have all activities planned around tennis so injury puts them in really passive and uncomfortable state. Intermediate players know how important it is to constantly practice and improve own skills so for them injury can mean lack of progress and can have negative impact on their mood. Beginners also are in danger because when they get injured they can give up on sport that should provide fun – not pain and limitations.

A lot of players think that it is bad luck when they roll the ankle or have pain in the knee. From time to time bad time and bad place can be responsible for injury but most of the situations can be avoided by paying attention to some common mistakes that tennis players do on a daily basis. Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of work but when this work is done incorrectly it can bring more harm than good.

Your genes are important but your actions have more influence on your well-being. The more you know about prevention the more you can apply into your own actions to have healthy tennis career. Below you can find the most common reasons why players at all levels get injured:


  • Lack of warm up

A lot of players think that making few laps around the court and few dynamic exercises is enough to play good practice and prevent possible injuries. That is not true at all. Players at all levels should reserve at least 15-20 minutes to perform all the exercises needed to prepare body for the demands of intensive physical activity.


  • Lack of strength training

You can play tennis many times a week but if you don’t do additional fitness sessions of the court you put your body in danger of getting injury. Strength training guarantees both preparation to play more effectively and prevention so that is why pro players do fitness sessions every day because they are aware that injury is far worse than losing in the final of a Wimbledon.


  • Wrong exercises

Not all the drills give progress. Players have to understand that pro players use some drills or tactics because they have worked for years to have skills that they already have. Doing grueling Spanish exercises on clay or trying to slide like Djokovic on hard-court is not a good idea for players who get on the court 3 times a week without additional footwork and resistance training.


  • Improper diet

What we eat and what we drink are factors that have big influence on body and mind performance. Tennis activity puts a lot of stress on body parts so it is important to make sure that player has enough energy to meet the demands of particular exercises. When player works hard but doesn’t pay attention to own nutrition it can end up in chronic injuries that are signs of lack of proper micro and macronutrients.


  • Lack of conscious recovery

Players who want to constantly improve have to put a lot of work in different areas. Both on and off the court work is needed to learn new skills, sharp strengths and correct weaknesses. After the practice conscious recovery techniques are needed to let the body come back to the pre-activity state. Staying on the couch and doing nothing are not examples of recovery. Stretching, using foam roller, eating and hydrating well, using sauna, using cold showers or using specific machines are examples of activities that players can and should do to help own body recover at the fastest possible pace. Lack of recovery will lead to overtraining and from overtraining to injury is really close distance.


We can never totally prevent all the injuries but we can definitely decrease the occurrence of them. Being aware of possible mistakes and implementing specific actions are steps that all players should consider while thinking about own athletic career. Tennis is fun but only without a pain so if you want to have good time on the court take care of your body on a daily basis.