Top mental skills needed for all tennis players

Being able to play good tennis is a complex process. Players have to spend a lot of time on practice sessions that include different aspects of tennis development. Unfortunately many players focus solely on the volume so their don’t pay as much attention to the quality of their work. And in this case quality means skills that are needed to win tennis matches.


There are players who practice many hours and can’t win a tennis match as also there are players who don’t spend as much time on the court but they go to tournament and win the trophy. Why does it happen? Shouldn’t the amount of time on the court reflect results during the competition? In tennis as in life there are specific factors that have influence on the final result. Players have to understand what tennis match is really about and focus on abilities that will let them go through this battle with the biggest chances to win.


Tennis match is a rivalry. 2 players stand across the net and try to put the other one into the most difficult position possible. Players use own strengths and capitalize on opponent’s weaknesses to increase own chances for winning single points, then games and finally the whole match. But during every match happen repetitious actions that players have to be aware of and conscious preparation is needed to be able to respond to them effectively. Respond with plan – not with panic.


During the battle player can’t control everything. He can control own actions but he doesn’t have power over rival’s thoughts and plans. That is why tennis is so beautiful sport because it puts all competitors in constant adaptation mode that is necessary to play effectively and win tennis matches. It is not a surprise that these factors put a big pressure on players’ mental side and their preparation in this area will have big impact on their physical performance. Without solid mental skills players can play well during the practice session but they will never come close to this performance while fighting for the trophies.


Do you want to be a real tennis player? Real tennis player looks at tennis as it is and he is aware of the situations that happen during the match. Awareness is the first step to make these areas your strengths but behind your knowledge action has to be incorporated too. Below you find information about mental skills that you need to win more tennis matches firstly in your head and secondly on the tennis court:


  • Respond to the mistakes

The golden rule of good mental performance is to focus on yourself. Players have to think about own actions to be able to play up to their potential. However trying to play your best tennis doesn’t mean that you will avoid simple mistakes during the heat of the battle. There are no perfect matches in tennis so even Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep make mistakes from positions that look really easy even for less advanced players. Real tennis is based on mistakes and it is the fact that has to be accepted. Players have to prepare mentally to deal with mistakes because when they don’t have proper skills to do it they will get angry after hitting another ball into the net. You should always try to cut down on errors but at the same time you have to be ready to accept mistakes and don’t let them have negative impact on your performance.


  • Find solutions

Every time players get on the court they expect to play really good match. They even visualize own performance before the competition because they want to achieve positive mental state. That’s a great approach according to tournament’s preparation but reality can change a lot in players’ plans. Every day is different as also every opponent makes different decisions so there is a big chance that one of these factors will negatively influence player’s performance. Players can struggle with backhand consistency, proper ball perception or ability to adjust own tactical approach that doesn’t work. To overcome these obstacles and still leave the court as a winner player needs effective problem-solving skills. Quickly finding solution to smaller or bigger problem is a priority for anyone who wants to compete well on any given day. Remember that it is quite easy to win when everything goes right but the whole art of tennis is to beat the rival when you really struggle.


  • Be aware of on-court actions

Tennis is a specific sport because it consists of many single points that are separated by 20 seconds. It means that the reality of the game creates environment where active time while playing is significantly smaller than passive time while not competing. This specificity gives possibility for players to adjust own plan before next point but it can only be done when player is aware of what is going on during the match. When player analyzes last point and knows why he won/lost the point he can make proper adjustments to increase own chances in the next point. That is why it is priority for all competitors to develop awareness as a mental strength to let them compete effectively and maintain lead or change the momentum of the game against different opponents.


Tennis is definitely a sport where mental aspects can’t be omitted. Players who think about improving own performance have to include mental training into own schedule to develop skills that are responsible for the quality of their play. Paying attention during practice sessions and matches to the aspects mentioned above will allow players to spend this valuable time with needed quality.