Watch and improve at the same time

Tennis players love to watch tennis matches on TV and even more when they can travel to the professional competition. Watching Nadal or Williams is a great fun as also great opportunity to take a look at the aspects that these champions use to dominate the world. It doesn’t matter at which level you play you can always improve your game while watching tennis match.

Tennis calendar is full of tournaments. During the year pro players don’t have much time to rest or sometimes even to make longer period of serious training. They compete, compete and once again compete which gives them a chance to climb the rank and earn more money but at the same time spectators have many possibilities to watch their idols and learn from them.

Every match provides valuable information that all players can use to improve own performance. However players have to understand how to watch the match to make sure that after they finish they have clues about necessary changes needed in their approach to practice or match. This is nothing else than a great training session at home that delivers technical and tactical advices applicable at all levels of play.

A lot of players watch tennis matches but only small percentage of them learn from this passive time on the couch. It is much more effective to combine entertainment and learning at the same time so below you can find quick tips on how to watch tennis match to become a better tennis player.


If you want to improve in front of TV make sure you pay attention to:


  • Position on the court

It looks like some players get to all the balls because of their speed but this is not always the truth. Speed is an important factor but we can’t omit another area that has even more impact on player’s chances to get to the next ball. It is position on the court. Players who know where to stand after specific shots have more time for preparation so the quality of their next shot is bigger than the rival who just recovers to random spots on the court. Watching player’s position can give us important clues on where to stand on the court and why this position increases chances for final success.


  • How the point is constructed

We always admire beautiful winners and can’t believe when someone misses easy ball but this is not what really counts to improve our game. What is more important is the way player gets to this specific situation so without knowing that player can’t work on skills necessary to create advantage on the court. Great stop volley makes us clap the hands even in front of TV but it is the approach shot hit with pin point precision that firstly should be incorporated into our practice session to win more points against our next rival.


  • Repetitive patterns

Sometimes when we watch match on TV we start to think that we have already seen the same actions previously. That is actually true because the best players in the world have favorite patterns of play that they use to put pressure on the opponent. By paying attention to these patterns we not only get tactical knowledge that we can use in our own game but we also get better at analyzing the opponent’s plan which is of utmost importance while playing competitively to be able to counter rival’s strengths.


  • Risk level

There are different tactics in tennis at all levels. Some players tend to play safe shots while others can’t imagine the game without many risky shots. Pro players understand situations when risk is needed and that is why they don’t get angry after missing the shots because they know it was a good decision to make. It is important to watch and understand when it is worthy to aim closer to the line and when we have better chances to win when we just keep the ball in play.


Tennis match is a big event that offers much more than pure entertainment. When 2 great players meet on the tennis court it is worthy to understand why they are the ones of the best tennis players in the world. Every point provides crucial information that players can use to improve own game. Learn how to watch tennis match and practice this skill every time you follow the tournament to make sure that you improve your game even at home.