Boris Becker, a tennis legend and former coach of Novak Djokovic, will record his 10 episode online tennis course in Warsaw, Poland. Sounds unbelievable? Not at all! The Boom Becker traveled to the capital of Poland for a press conference that took place on Wednesday (24.06) to meet with the Polish journalists and also announce the next two days of recordings on the Warsaw courts. The whole event is a part of the TopLevelTennis project – a global educational platform with online courses created with the participation of world-famous tennis stars.

Since June 1st, an international project providing motivational and educational video training sessions made with the participation of tennis stars – – has started in full swing. The stars whose 10 episode series were made available at the opening of the platform are Dominika Cibulková and Urszula Radwańska. With the expansion and development of the site, the courses with some real tennis legends will also be published. The upcoming above-mentioned legendary tennis figures are Boris Becker (the winner of several Grand Slam tournaments and later the coach of many successful players), Brad Gilbert (the coach of Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray), Marco Panichi (physical preparation coach of Novak Djoković) and Wolfgang Thiem (the father and coach of Dominik Thiem).

The German tennis legend arrived in Warsaw on Wednesday to announce a recording of 10 episodes of the online tennis course, which took two days to complete. Together with two young and talented Polish tennis players, Boris will show how to perform some specific tennis techniques. The presentation of all tips and exercises will be followed by the stories about the Becker’s experiences from the courts as well as his personal life. One episode will be entirely devoted to the magic of tennis, which is a sport that has been bringing together the whole generations of fans from all around the world. Of course, everything will be accompanied by the unique anecdotes, of which Becker is the unofficial king. S.A. is an entirely Polish company listed on the NewConnect market. The founders of the project are the passionates and former players of tennis – Tomasz Mrozowski and Artur Górski. Because of the long years of experience in tennis, they possess exceptional knowledge of the market and have the possibility to reach the world’s biggest tennis stars. The most interesting is that the company has been recording a continuous increase in its share prices since the acquisition. This proves that both the expectations and the interest in the Top Level Tennis project are growing.

“We are really happy to work with such world-class stars as Dominika Cibulková, Boris Becker, and Urszula Radwańska. Each of these amazing players offers something different – they show tennis from their perspective. The common denominator is to promote the game of tennis and spread this passion to the people all around the world. – says Tomasz Mrozowski, President of S.A. “We are all more than pleased that the best in their field are to do it. Nothing motivates to work as much as the examples from the lives of the winners of the Grand Slam tournaments” – adds Artur Górski, Vice-President of the Board.

What are the plans for the future? After the recordings with the participation of Boris Becker, we will begin the production of the episodes, and the planned release of the course is scheduled for August this year. Another star standing in line for the recordings is Wolfgang Thiem — the father of the third racket in the world – Dominic Thiem.