Training plans

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Our star's course inspired you to act?
Take the test and download the dedicated training plan created by our stars!


If you think that a 10-episoded online course is not enough, then ... you're right! Stars, together with a group of tennis experts, have prepared training plans that you can use not only at home, but also on the court!

Training plans consist primarily of three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The plan you get will be based on the results of the test that needs to be done. The test consists of 11 questions, of which 6 only apply to questions from the online course.

Each level is expanded with several exercise sections, which are not only accurately described, but also shown using dedicated drawings. In addition, each of the plans is available in two versions - digital and printable.

With Gold Access you have the option of taking the test completely free of charge. 


Dominika Cibulková

Urszula Radwańska

Boris Becker