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Have you ever thought it could be possible to learn about a mental approach, a perfect forehand technique or a customized diet for people who perform physical exercise from… the worldwide top tennis players without leaving the comfort of your own home? Your dreams can come true thanks to Top Level Tennis. Supporters from all over the world can be attracted not only by the global scope of this project, but first and foremost – by the most renowned names in the tennis world.

What is the project all about? Each of the tennis star is taking part in 10 episodes of the highest quality professional tutorials within the range of physical and mental preparation. You can get to know unpublished stories from their personal and professional lives and learn how to follow your career, what mistakes to avoid to become an athlete to the best of your ability. Each guest is going to prepare appropriate training schedules to download. 

It is the first tennis project of this type with online tutorials on a global scale and participation of the best-known tennis stars. It is a breakthrough in the digitalized world of sports!