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Each star's course means hundreds of minutes of pure knowledge, unpublished stories from on and off the court, and exclusive training sessions showing some top-class shots, exercises and more! Top Level Tennis is an excellent platform not only for beginners but also for professionals in the field, as the courses are divided into different difficulty levels. Let’s start learning tips and tricks from the tennis stars.

10 episodes per star
advanced drills
backstage stories
unpublished tips
high quality content
training plans
tennis articles
annual access
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Alberto Castellani

"Mental Maestro" from Perugia
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 113 minutes in total
  • English, Spanish, Italian and German subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
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Boris Becker

Winner of many Grand Slam tournaments
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 108 minutes in total
  • English, Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
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Marco Panichi

Fitness coach of Novak Djoković
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 58 minutes in total
  • English, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
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Wolfgang Thiem

Father and coach of Dominic Thiem
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 58 minutes in total
  • English, Italian, Spanish and German subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
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Dominika Cibulková

Former #4 WTA and Australian Open finalist
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 182 minutes in total
  • English, German, Spanish, Italian and Slovak subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
Trailer Details Coming soon

Urszula Radwańska

Former #29 WTA and Junior Wimbledon Champion
  • 10 episodes (+ Free Access episode)
  • 189 minutes in total
  • English, German, Spanish and Polish subtitles
  • Training plans (PDF / Print)
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What’s more?

Training plans...

10-episodes online course is not enough! Stars, together with our tennis experts, have prepared training plans that you can use not only at home, but also – or even especially - on the court!


each star provides a unique training plan

3 levels of difficulty

mobile and printable-friendly designs

exercises based on each star’s video training course

you can have all training plans with gold access

training plan contains a few sessions focused on one drill

...and articles

More than 40 articles about drills,
mental strength, tactics and strategy.

  • Advanced serving patterns for females
  • Analyze – Understand – Improve
  • Be aware of these offensive mistakes
  • Be more specific with your training
  • Being successful player at the net in doubles
  • Coach – Player relationship
  • Communication as a way to make faster improvement
  • Constant adjustments while analyzing performance during the match
  • Create uncomfortable environment for complete improvement
  • Dealing with fast balls on the baseline
  • Different forms of successfull defense
  • Drop shot – use it effectively in modern tennis
  • Effective plan to use your weakness
  • Efficiency of on-court tennis tests
  • Footwork details for more effective movement
  • Forehand slice applicable at all levels
  • Fundamentals of effective volley
  • Have winning in your hands
  • How to force opponoent to make mistakes
  • How to perform kick serve
  • Is it worthy to use mini-tennis approach
  • It is all about the reaction
  • Necessary help after lost match
  • Never give up
  • Physical preparation related to playing style
  • Play with visible improvements
  • Practice serve to make it your weapon during the match
  • Practical session created to reflect tournaments conditions
  • Pre-match routine
  • Preparing tactical plan for the match
  • Specific areas for complete players development
  • Strategy to win important points in tennis
  • Stress in tennis
  • Success in tennis means good preparation
  • Successful basket drills are possible
  • Tactical ways to put pressure on the server
  • Taking care of negative voice
  • Tennis can teach you more than just how to hit the ball
  • The importance of solid point of contact
  • The reasons why players make mistakes
  • The skill of inner motivation
  • These actions will make you get injured
  • Top mental skills needed for all tennis players
  • Train your movement to become a better player
  • Watch and improve at the same time
  • What type of tennis career you can have after juniors
  • When should you restring your racket
  • When to play high balls
  • Win by defending

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