About us

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What is Top Level Tennis?

Top Level Tennis is an online training platform, where you can learn from the world’s greatest tennis stars. Become a better player on and off the court and make your mentality as strong as your technique.

Who we are?

We are a private limited company from Poland. Our headquarters is based in Cracow, however, many of our operational activities are managed from our office in Poznan.

Our mission

We aim to pass on exclusive knowledge and popularize tennis all over the world. We strongly believe that our courses, designed by the best in this sports discipline, are of top quality and they will satisfy amateur players as well as advanced professionals.

Build your skills with online courses from top experts!

You can find currently available courses here: https://topleveltennis.com/courses. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with the latest news about our courses.

Our courses

Each of our stars offers one course for you. The courses consist of 10 episodes referring to different aspects of tennis. Up to 30 minutes of exclusive learning content, ranging from stress resistance on the court to highly advanced technique training.

Am I required to be a professional tennis player to use the platform?

Not at all. Our offer is meant for everyone, regardless of experience and level of advancement.

Where can I find Top Level Tennis?

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