Your courses, payments and complaints

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How can I make a payment?

The payments are performed in a fully secure way and free of charge, using a credit/debit card or your PayPal account.

Payment issues

Contact us at, via live chat or send a private message on Facebook. We will try to help you solve the issue as soon as possible.

I would like to cancel my subscription

If you have a Bronze Access, you can cancel your subscription anytime. To do this, go to 'My Account' and select "Cancel subscription". The Silver and Gold Access subscription is paid for a year upfront. When it expires, it will be automatically cancelled unless you make the payment in the following year.

Does the subscription renew itself automatically?

For the Bronze Access - yes. In case of Silver and Gold Access, no – it will expire one year after the payment has been made. Don’t worry about it – we will send you a reminder early enough, so that you won’t forget to renew your subscription.

Is it possible to extend the scope of my subscription during the course?

Absolutely. You can always upgrade your Access from Bronze to Silver or Gold, and from Silver to Gold. For more information see your account.

Can I receive a VAT invoice?

After you make the payment for your Access, you will be able to download the invoice. All documents to download are available on your account under the tab My payments.

I would like to contact your team and leave feedback. How should I do it?

Contact us at, via live chat or send a private message on Facebook.